Got Breast Milk? Mom Wants to Sell Hers


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Jan 14, 2002
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Got Breast Milk? Mom Wants to Sell HersCEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (Nov. 4) - A woman who doesn't want her breast milk to go to waste has taken out a newspaper ad in hopes of selling it.

Martha Heller, 22, took out an ad in The Gazette newspaper offering 100 ounces of her breast milk for $200 or the best offer.

Heller said her freezer is overflowing with breast milk she has pumped since August. Her 4-month-old daughter won't drink from a bottle and the supply is piling up.

Heller now donates to the University of Iowa's Mother's Milk Bank, but the 100 ounces of milk she wants to sell were pumped before she went through the screening process for the bank and cannot be donated.

Linda Klein, a lactation consultant at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids, said breast milk can generally be stored in a freezer for up to six months.


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Apr 22, 2002
Ma Ma, I want ninny.

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May 24, 2005
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Why is this even news? At the turn of the century (the one before this one) they had wet nurses. Basically they were 'professionals' that were lactating that breastfed the kids of rich people. Women keep on going as long as the milk keeps getting sucked out.

This was on TV and everything. I assumed it was going on still for mom's that wanted natural milk that couldn't or wouldn't pump. Slow news day. I guess only a handful of people died in the war or something.