grand theft auto3 fur ps2


i didn't know what forum to put this in.
has anyone played it?whaT did you think?
i just got it and think its pretty cool!


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I am still playing gta 2 for my comp. I can say that this game is fun.


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When Opie spoke of it, I was like damn, I wish I had PS2!!!

It sounded so FUN!!!!

Philly Kid

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stink was not lying when he said it was everything you could not do in real life, it can be a movie, a hardcore challenge or a fucking punching bag..
the best game ever, not really a crack game but the best need the codes to have fun... an dbeat the game .
people just dont know....


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I rented it last month for PS2. I think it is the best game I have played since Resident Evil, that was the last action game I played. I play a lot of sports games. GTA3 is the sickest game. I swear the thing Opie said about it is true. When you stop playing it, you start to think that real life isn't real. I woke up after a four day weekend of playing this game until I beat it. I was driving to work and I found myself swerving in and out of traffic and driving like a madman. Also when you play it as much as I did for 96 hours, it makes you look at other people and feel like you are in the game still. It was really spooky. I am not going to buy it, I already beat it. Although it is fun to just pick-off heads left and right. :D

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