Graphics card for an old Pizza Box Machine


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Okay, the card outside the case started to bug me and I couldn't leave well enough alone. I bought a cheap Rosewill case off ebay and
It's done. I read all problems people had with Dells Proprietary connectors, Case Fans, CPU fans, so I hooked up everything from the Stock Dell and dumped it inside the case. Took the front panel from the old case and stuck it inside this one so there wouldn't be any startup errors. The only thing I used on the Rosewill case was the power switch and soldered that to the Stock Dell Power switch (which is lying inside the case). I used a water cooler backplate because the CPU Cooler screwed into the Dell Case. There were xtra standoffs under the motherboard for it. Never seen that shit before. I could have used a stock Intel CPU cooler with Push pins, but didn't feel like tweaking all the bullshit to get the fan to work with Dells Proprietary shit. Cut a slot in the back for the CPU exhaust fan, Same kind of fan you see in a laptop. I mounted the Graphics card by cutting slots where the case fan was. It sits right next to CPU Heat sink. That was pretty easy, you only need some heavy gauge wire cutters. I mounted Dells front Case Fan temporarily off the drive cage, the cable isn't long enough mount anywhere and is only connected to avoid startup diagnostic errors. I plan to extend the cable and mounting it at the PCI slots. I The GPU actually runs cooler standing vertically. I played several minutes of FO4 before the fans even kicked on. I'm guessing it will run hotter when it's completely enclosed. The back part isn't pretty. I don't have an I/O backplate and didn't have dremmel. Side Cutters and small hacksaw.