Greaseman Lingers Longer in Limbo

Found this article in the Wash Post. What a bitter bastard he must be:

Redemption Roulette: I-Man Back In, Greaseman Still Out
As the news spread about Don Imus's return to big-time radio in New York -- complete with multimillion-dollar contract and prime morning-drive-time slot on one of the most popular stations in the nation -- Doug "Greaseman" Tracht cradled a cocktail and settled onto the Good Ship Grease in Annapolis Harbor, ready for a day on the bay.
Star sportscaster Marv Albert came back, even after felony charges of forcible sodomy. Sexually explicit voice mails weren't enough to end Pat O'Brien's career. Howard Stern, of course, rode a steady downpour of fines from the Federal Communications Commission to satellite radio megabucks. Radio bad boys Opie and Anthony survived serial suspensions stemming from offenses both sexual and racial. Now, nine months after the most notorious of the recent broadcast falls from grace, Imus is back, debuting on New York's WABC on Dec. 3, with stations around the country, including Washington's WTNT (570 AM), standing by to pick up his show in syndication.
And here, lazily pondering a cruise to the Bahamas, is the Greaseman, off the air, on the wrong end of six years of broadcasting his morning show on tiny, unknown AM stations with signals so weak they dissolve under the static created by a car's ignition switch.

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