Great game last night


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The Mets cameback against the Yankees last night, scoring six runs in the bottom of the eight inning. Did anyone catch that game? Or I should say Jay did you see that game? It was fucking awesome, the Mets looked like the team they were last year, when you think they are out of it, they shock you. Yankees take the series though. It's ok we have three more games at the house that Ruth built.
Yeah i saw the end of the game. The Mets beat us but we did win 2 out of 3 games. We will see what they got at Yankee Stadium.
Yeah that was a great game. Finally the Mets did something to help the Red Sox stay 2 games up. GO SAUX!!!! Now the Yankees are getting desperate. Rumors are that they have all but completed a deal with Montreal to get Ugueth Urbina for two minnor leaguers (infielder D'Angelo Jimenez and pitcher Brandon Knight) since their bullpen has collapsed and they can't get anyone out in middle relief.
Go ahead start bashing the Yankees, be so quick to hate on them and say there over and watch us still be standing at the end. Even if we dont win this year i dont care cause they just won 3 straight World Series and 4 out of the last 5 years im not worrying bout anything at all. When was the last time the Redsox won the World Series at least the Mets won in 86. It must have hurt to see that slow grouder roll between Buckners legs.


I speak the human language
I think the Yanks going after Urbina is a good move. To have him as your setup man and Rivera as the closer makes for an unhittable combo. I wish the Mets would go after Urbina. The Yanks seem to be eagerly pursuing him though, and should have a deal wrapped up by tonight or tomorrow. A very big pick up. Though it always hurts to give up young talent.

I won't put them down, they beat the Mets asses this weekend. The Mets salvaged that last game. It was an awesome comeback, you got to give them that!?.

There is nothing like a Mets vs. Yankees game. I can't wait for the next series.
I agree Mav, METS vs YANKEES games are the best in baseball no matter how well each team is doing.
I wasn't really bashing the Yankees. You have to respect what they have done. I was just happy the Mets helped out the Saux while at the same time they helped the Mets with the Braves. The Yanks are only 2 games back. Of course the Saux are having an incredible year with all the injuries they have substained and still playing great ball.

The only reason I said the Yanks were desperate about getting Urbina is because they are giving up some good prospects. The Expos wanted Keisler but due to the Yanks starting pitching injuries they need him to cover as a possible fourth or fifth starter. Losing Nelson has hurt more then they thought it would have for sure.

As far as the Yanks/Mets games being the best I would have to disagree. I think the Yanks/Red Saux rivalry is the greatest in all sports. The only reason the Yanks/Mets games are so incredible is because it is interleague and hasn't happened as often as the Yanks/Saux games have. Having the subway series has heightened the drama also. Yanks/Mets are great games and have lots of hype but have only been possible the last few years. Yanks/Saux have been playing eachother for nearly a century if not more and there is still drama at everygame. Even in years when one team is out of it there is still drama and the games are sellouts. Lets see if that is the case for the Yanks/Mets in twenty or so years when the newness wears off and one of the teams is rebuilding.
The games against the RedSox are good too but i still think Mets/Yankees games are the best especially when you live here.


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You make good points. Though, I think the rivalry between the Mets and Yankees just lights up the whole tri-state area. In New York when they are playing it is insane.

Though you May be right, It might lose it's luster in some peoples eyes 10 years down the road. But I will never get sick of it. As for Boston vs. Yankees. It's like when the Braves play Mets. There seems to be a special significance. But for it to be compared to a Yankees-Mets series just boggles a New York fan. But your a Boston fan so it makes sense.
Yeah Yanks/Mets games get the tri-state area juiced, but so do the Cubs/WhiteSox games in Chicago or the A's/Giants in the bay area or the Rangers/Astros games in Texas or the Dodgers/Angels in cali or even Blue Jays/Expos in Canada. They are all exciting and get that area all juiced up. I will admit that the Yanks/Mets games are the most dramatic of the interleague games because it is of course NY vs NY. But I still think in ten to twenty years when the "subway series" is not so fresh in everyones mind and one of the teams is rebuilding or out of the playoff race early they won't sell out like the Red Sox/Yanks series alway do. The reason the Yanks/Mets rivalry is so hot is because both teams are good, they were both in the World Series last year, they just recently started playing eachother and the games have been competitive. How great would the first interleague series have been if the Mets or Yanks were rebuilding and the team rebuilding never stood a chance and got demolished? On the other hand how great would have last years World Series have been if they didn't have interleague play and it was the first time the Yanks and Mets had played eachother? Just think of how big the first interleague games were and imagine them being for the World Series. It would have been amazing!

The Yanks and Mets rivalry is only a few years old. Hell I will even give you that it is over thirty years old even though they didn't play eachother until a few years ago. The Red Sox/Yankee rivalry is over a centry old and still strong. It has died down a little due to free agency but still sells out every year no matter what place the teams are in. It is not only the greatest rivalry in baseball, but the greatest rivalry in all sports. The Mets/Yanks fued is intense and very dramatic, but lets see if it can last for over a century and still be good. Yanks/Red Sox are always intense whether they are battling for first or both in the basement. It is not like the Mets/Braves games because the reason they are good is because the Braves have been the best team in the NL East the last ten to fifteen years and the Mets have been trying to catch them. If the Braves were not the best for all those years the games with them wouldn't have meant anything. Like playing the Marlins only matters when the Mets need a win or the Marlins are in first place. The Yanks/Red Sox games matter no matter what. In this age when people only remember what happened in the last few years the Yanks/Mets seems to be the best thing ever, but if you can remember Bucky Dent's Homer, Ted Willaims, Joe D, the Mick and of course the man who started the "curse" for Boston Herman "Babe" Ruth then you will realize that Yanks/Red Sox trandscends just baseball and is almost a part of the American fabric. Yanks/Mets are great for NY and establish bragging rights, but nationwide Sox/Yanks is considered the greatest rivalry.