Group of young people attack New Jersey man


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A 22-year-old Bayonne, New Jersey man is in a coma after a large group of teenagers beat him to within an inch of his life early Sunday morning. Dawid Strucinski, a recent criminal justice graduate from Rutgers University who is described by a friend as "one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life," was walking home from a convenience store around 3 a.m. when he intervened to help a buddy being attacked by the mob. CBS 2 reports that he suffered severe head trauma from the assault, and this surveillance video shows his assailants, who numbered between 13-20, repeatedly punching and kicking him in the head while he's down.

Friends and family tell the Star-Ledger that Strucinski is breathing on his own but remains in a coma at Jersey City Medical Center. Police have arrested three youths in connection with the savage beating: a 16-year-old boy, and two teenage girls, aged 17 and 14. Charges are pending against three other suspects, CBS 2 reports. Alcoholic Beverage Control investigators are also part of the investigation because the teens are believed to have come from a house party where alcohol was served.

On Saturday, Strucinski's friends are holding a fundraiser at the Polish American Home in Bayonne to help cover the family’s medical expenses. Details here.
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Given the area, its either white or hispanic. Its close to Jersey city though, so young people might have been involved.

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They looked like suburban white kids in the surveillance video. I'll bet it's that Four Loco devil's potion.


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If that ever happened to a family member of mine I would burn their neighborhood to the ground. Tanker trunk, pump, and kerosene.


A drive by would probably be a bit more cost-effective.