GSP blows ACL, out 10 months, Diaz/Condit for Interim Title


So when Diaz flakes it'll be BJ Penn vs. Condit? I'm getting weird deja vu all of a sudden.


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That absolutely blows. Was GSP pushing himself too hard? I'm of the opinion that MMA fighters train extremely hard and that's the reason we see so many injuries.

But Condit/Diaz is going to be great. There's basically 0% chance that the fight is boring, so while we don't get to see GSP do his thing, at least we get an awesome replacement fight.

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Argh. I'm not a fan of the interim title. Really pulling hard for the Natural Born Killer.

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Fuck I have no clue who to root for.
I hate pulling for Diaz, but I want him to have the interim strap so that when GSP crushes him there will be no question about who the man is.


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i don't think condit is the #2 or #3. fitch and koschek both beat him.