GTA: San Andreas will be available for download as a PS2 Classic tomorrow Tuesday the 11th


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Yes! Got my card ready to purchase! I just bought Tony Hawk for PS3 last night. It's funny how Sony figured out how to sell us games we've already bought all over again.


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Is Vice City available? That one was my favorite.
I don't think so. I've read before that the big hold-up in getting these games to the PSN store is re-negotiating rights to the music. From a tech standpoint, it's fairly easy to re-compile PS2 games to PS3.


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Vice City just came out for ios and android.


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just like all the other GTAs, I got stuck on a mission about halfway through SA and stopped trying. The last time I played it I just kept going up Mount Chiliad and driving random cars and trucks off the edge over and over again.
I gave up on the model airplane side missions, but otherwise finished the main and side stories.
The model airplane thing was a pain in the ass and I barely passed it twice.
Got a PSN card for Christmas and it's either going to this of the King Washington thing for ACIII. Do you know if you can skip the plane missions?