GTR: FDNY Prep Class Denies Applicants Because of Their Race


Mar 23, 2008
Kingdom of Charis

White Applicants Blast FDNY After Being Denied Entry To Preparation Class

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Applicants are letting loose on the FDNY, saying the department engages in reverse discrimination.

There were hurt feelings and racial tensions as white applicants were left standing outside a prep class on Wednesday night, reports CBS 2’s Lou Young.

“Whoever’s name is not on the list is not getting in, so were just following orders. That’s just the way it is,” the applicants were told.

Joseph Basile was one of those who didn’t get in.

“It wasn’t a good feeling. It felt like it was discrimination,” Basile said.

The class was conducted by the Vulcan Society, a group of African American firefighters in an overwhelmingly white department. Many applicants who were turned away preregistered online on forms that did not ask for their race, which made for testy moment.

“What would Martin Luther King do?” one agitated applicant asked.

Many applicants were referred to the Vulcan Society test by Deputy Chief Paul Mannix, who heads a group called “Merit Matters,” which calls for even-handed entry requirements regardless of race. He said it wasn’t a stunt.

“We feel that for your best opportunity to do well on the test the Vulcan’s test is a good test. They hit the nail on the head last time with those unique types of questions,” Mannix said.

“I was told [it] was of the best prep courses around, yes,” Basile said, adding when asked if his speaking out was to make a point, “no, I just wanted to take the test. It aint right.”

The Vulcan Society didn’t return Young’s calls Thursday. The FDNY said it is looking into the matter. Another prep test was scheduled for Thursday night. Basile said he would be back. He just wants in. He said he doesn’t want anyone else out.

Wednesday night’s class was the third in a series of prep exams given by the Vulcan Society. The previous two were integrated. The one Wednesday was the only one from which people were barred from attending.
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Mar 2, 2006
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I wish people would cut the "reverse discrimination" shit. Racial discrimination is racial discrimination, regardless of the beneficiary.

Sinn Fein

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Aug 29, 2002
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It's simple, someone needs to have a prep class for white firefighters only.


Sep 15, 2004
The problem is the coloreds want the job without having to pass all the requirements for it. The written test is just one step.

The majority of the minorities have trouble passing the physical test and keeping their urine clean for the first few years.

Creasy Bear

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Mar 10, 2006
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Why is anybody blasting the FDNY?

The prep class was given by an association of black FDNY firefighters... NOT the FDNY.

They filed a lawsuit two years back to force the FDNY to hire black firefighters despite their lower test scores...

But that wasn't enough for them, so now they're trying to "game the system" by giving prep courses open only to blacks. And this right here makes me think that somebody thinks the prep course practice tests are pretty g-darned "applicable" to the questions on the test...

“We feel that for your best opportunity to do well on the test the Vulcan’s test is a good test. They hit the nail on the head last time with those unique types of questions,” Mannix said.
In other words... a certain group of "somebodies" has gotten their paws a certain set of test questions that are pretty cotton-picking identical to the one's you'll be seeing on the actual FDNY admission test... and those "somebodies" don't want to share.

Buds Spuckley

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Mar 17, 2008
There should be one question on that test.

Where do you spray water? If anything other than fire is written then you dont get the job.


Sep 15, 2004
NYPD has similar 'problems' with their colored candidates in the police academy. Seems like they forget there are random drug tests.

Plus, the 'background' investigators are all overweight house mouses of colors and see no problems denying whitey over trivial shit (parking tickets, etc... But, will let the coloreds slide for real serious shit (drug dealing, welfare fraud, etc...)

Go equality.


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Jan 12, 2010
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There should be one question on that test.

Where do you spray water? If anything other than fire is written then you dont get the job.
In all fairness, "at nig***s" could be an acceptable answer also, although probably not a popular one in this class.


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Jan 23, 2006
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Being a fireman is a lot more then showing up in the big truck and spraying water on something on fire until the fire goes out. I've been told how you can be on scene for hours at a house fire tearing out walls looking for hot spots. It's a hot shitty job in the summer, and during the winter it's fucking brutal.

I'm curious what the turnover rate is during the first couple years. In Omaha they lose a few probationary fireman out of every graduating class due to testing positive for drugs. The drug is always weed, and the probationary fireman is always black. I don't get it. You're making $27 an hour your first year, but you can't stay off the weed. Ponderous.

Don the Radio Guy

Mar 30, 2006
Too bad that
Nobody can ever
Be fair to the poor African American firefighters.
Jun 2, 2005
Many years ago when the economy first started shitting the bed I interviewed to be a recruiter with Teledyne Industries. Long story short, during the interview I was informed that my actual role will be a "diversity recruiter", in other words my job as an out of work white male would be to ignore all out of work white males who were more qualified for their respective jobs and seek out minorities and women so that Teledyne would be more in line for government contracts.

I told the Mexican chick conducting the interview where she could stick her racist job, right in her wetback cunt. I didn't get a 2nd interview.