GTR- Florida man allegedly ties up 4-year-old daughter so he can play video games


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Florida man allegedly ties up 4-year-old daughter so he can play video games
A 27-year-old Sarasota man has been arrested for tying up his four-year-old daughter while he played video games in another room.

The sheriff's office has charged Heath Howe with child abuse arrested him at his home Wednesday in the 3400 block of Clark Road.

The girl said she was watching TV a week ago when Howe grabbed her, tied her up with a rope in the kitchen and left her there while he played what was described as "bad video games."

The mother of the child and a friend discovered the little girl when they came home from the gym. However, the sheriff's office said the mother did nothing to help the girl, rather the friend had to untie her.

Deputies said they do not believe this was an isolated incident.

The rope was tied so tight it left marks on the girl's left and right arms, deputies said.
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At least he didn't tie her up for more nefarious reasons.... There's that at least!


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Didn't a young black gentleman do this a couple of years ago? Story sounds familiar.


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I honestly guessed white guy. Even though I do hear alot of young people on Xbox live


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Call of Duty.

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Lets be fair, it's Florida. We're lucky he didn't tie up the four-year-old daughter to play with her.

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This dude reminds me of Jeffrey Dahmer. She's lucky he didn't serve her up with baked potato and a side of dicks.