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Sherwood High School teacher Denise Keesee charged with sexual abuse of students
Fenit Nirappil, The Oregonian By Fenit Nirappil, The Oregonian

SHERWOOD--A Sherwood High School teacher has been arrested and faces sexual abuse charges, stemming from accusations of sexual contact with at least three students.

A grand jury indicted Denise Keesee, 38, Monday on six counts of second-degree sexual abuse, according to the Washington County Sheriff's office. Keesee turned herself in this evening, said Sgt. David Thompson, a sheriff's office spokesman.

The case started with a tip from the Department of Human Services, and the Washington County Sheriff's office began investigating in October.

Sherwood School District placed Keesee on administrative leave in November after learning she was under investigation. Keesee resigned last month, said the district human resources director and interim Sherwood High School principal Michelle DeBoard

DeBoard said the district hired Keesee at the high school in 2006, where she taught special education classes and math. Before she was a teacher in the Beaverton school district and had been licensed to teach in Oregon since 1999, according to state records. Keesee was an Algebra teacher and soccer coach this school year, according to her teacher page.

In November, she was under investigation for sexual contact with one male student. Investigators now believe there are at least three male victims in incidents spanning her entire time at Sherwood High School.

"We believe there is a possibility there are more out there," said Detective Robert Rookhuyzen. "Male victims are a very difficult population to work with, primarily because they may not feel they've been victimized. There's reluctance to report, and there's stigma."

Deputies encourage anyone with more information about the case to call the Sheriff's office at 503-846-2673.

The Sheriff's office investigated this case because Keesee is married to a Sherwood police officer. The Sherwood Police Department wanted to avoid any appearance of impropriety with the investigation, said Thompson.

Adam Keesee, the officer, was also the school resource officer at Sherwood High School and the varsity lacrosse coach. A spokesman for the Sherwood Police Department said it reassigned Keesee in late 2012. The district did not renew his coaching contract this January. He was never under investigation, Sherwood and Washington County authorities said.

In April, Sherwood High School administrators pulled an article from the school newspaper criticizing district officials for not renewing Keesee's coaching contract.



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Sherwood teacher pleads guilty to abusing boy, 16
By The Associated Press Published: Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 7:20 am

Ex-Sherwood High School teacher Denise Keesee leaves court after being arraigned on six counts of sexual abuse, June 18, 2013 (KOIN 6 News)
HILLSBORO, Ore. (AP) — A 39-year-old Oregon teacher has pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a 16-year-old boy who was a student at Sherwood High School, where she was a teacher.

The Oregonian reports that Denise Keesee entered her plea Monday.

Keesee had faced six charges of second-degree sexual abuse involving two students. She accepted a plea deal and admitted to two counts involving one victim.

The contact was first investigated in 2008, when the boy’s mother reported finding inappropriate text messages. The investigation was dropped until allegations involving another student surfaced in 2012.

The Washington County sheriff’s office investigated, since Keesee is married to a Sherwood police officer, who was the school resource officer from 2011 to late 2012.

Keesee was placed on leave in November 2012 and resigned last May.

Washington County Circuit Judge Kirsten Thompson indicated the state would recommend five years probation. A sentencing hearing was set for April 21.


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Suspended sentence with time served. Community service for a year.

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Teacher gets 30 days for sex abuse of student

Credit: KGW

Denise and Adam Keesee, from KGW archives

by Cornelius Swart, Staff

Posted on April 21, 2014 at 4:34 PM

Updated today at 4:48 PM

HILLSBORO, Ore. -- A former Sherwood High School teacher was sentenced to a month in jail Monday for the sexual abuse of one of her former students.

Denise Keesee, 38, a special education math teacher, was convicted of two of six counts of second-degree sex abuse in a Washington County courtroom Monday.

The offenses dated back to 2006. Keesee, then a special education and math teacher, was accused of having sex with two boys at her home and the homes of the boys during school hours. She was married to the school's Sherwood police liaison officer at the time.

A $5.1 million lawsuit was filed against Keesee in June by a man who was a 16-year-old special ed student at the time. The suit claimed Keesee groomed the boy and then sexually abused him after he was placed in her class due to learning disabilities. The suit also alleged that Keesee’s husband threatened the boy with a gun after learning about the sexual relationship.

Keesee pleaded guilty to two counts of sex abuse against one boy in February and the other four charges were dismissed.

Keesee was sentenced to 30 days in the Washington County Community Correction Center and five years of probation. Keesee must also surrender her teaching license and register as a sex offender.

Keesee resigned her teaching position in May 2013. She has been on leave since the allegations first surfaced in November of 2012. Her husband resigned from the Sherwood police department.

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