Guilty or Not Guilty? Female teacher arrested for sex act with 16 YO boy


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STROUDSBURG — Troopers arrested a high school teacher in Monroe County Wednesday morning and charged her with child sex crimes.
Cynthia Hartopp, 28, of Stroudsburg was arraigned on charges of institutional sexual assault and corruption of minors.
Police say she had indecent contact with a 16-year-old boy.
Hartopp is a teacher at East Stroudsburg North High School.
Police say the crimes occurred at her home in Stroudsburg.
Not hot enough, so they'll say Guilty, but I think it should be up to the student



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Hold on hold on now, we don't know the color content of this poor victim. It could very well be his dream girl.
The kid was 16 and she put out like an old couch on trash day. Of course it's his dream girl.


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I'd have hit that. I've done bigger when I was young
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Hold on hold on now, we don't know the color content of this poor victim. It could very well be his dream girl.

Well if he's black we better arrest him also... cause if he's not guilty of anything yet he will be within 4 years.
Look at her. She's the type that gives fantastic head. Not guilty.

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East Stroudsburg? Somebody's been eating too much Popcorn Buddha.

And absolutely not guilty. When I was 16, I would've run over the prom queen and her entire court to get to that hot mess.


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If she has a somewhat pleasant demeanor, she could be aces with some beer goggles and the call of closing time.