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Local Gun Radio Spot Getting National Attention

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Reported by: Brittney Hopper

Print Story Published: 11/29 9:57 pm Share Updated: 3:47 pm
Updated: 12/14/2011

A story we brought you last month is getting national attention and on Wednesday, CBS47's Brittney Hopper was interviewed by Chris Daniel on KMJ 105.9 FM about the controversial ad hitting the radio about guns.

Published 11/29/2011

A small locally owned gun shop is packed with people, tons of customers waiting to buy guns and many, heard the commercial on the radio.

"You can make a difference by giving a gun a loving home, these guns want nothing more than to adore and protect you," is part of The Radio Spot.

"It has just increased our business ten fold so we're really happy with it," said Jeff Moskowhite, PRK Arms, located near Clovis and McKinley Avenues in Fresno.

The concept is to make it sound like an ad for puppies who need a cozy home this holiday season. We played it for one customer who thought it was genius.

"Maybe it's pulling at people's heart strings and you just need to give that gun a nice home," said Craig Arnold, gun owner.

But the ad is also targeting another demographic, gun store owners say more women than ever are buying guns and the warm fuzzy ad is getting a lot of women's attention.

"You know it's really enjoyable and it kind of takes the mystery away from the guns too.. if you know how to use one then it's not such a scary item," said Lisa Mccarter.

We're told the ad is meant to catch people's attention and possibly spark an interest for people to give a gun as a gift this holiday season. But not everyone thinks buying a gun for Christmas is the way to go.

"Oh no, not for a Christmas gift," said Joel Ratto.



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