guns and roses on tour?


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Here I Dairy Queen....I might be a little fat but honey I need ice creeeeeeam.....


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A few of my friends saw them. They left about 3 songs in. Axl sounded awful and the band was off key and rhythm


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11 year BUMP! Guns n Roses reunion tour is on, and your pal Piggy is going! Yay me!


Silence, you mortal Fuck!
Hopefully the band stays alive long enough to make it to your venue.
They may get along better if one or more of them dies. I figure there's less than a 10% chance of this concert actually happening.

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Fuck yeah I got tix to the Jersey show. That date's about halfway through the tour so I don't actually expect it to happen.

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Axl Rose broke just broke his foot prior to the Las Vegas gig.

Just like old times. He had a cast on his foot the last time I saw GnR.