The new guns and roses cd is scheduled to come out the summer of 2001. Yeah axl rose will be the lead singer ofcourse but will the band be the same without the original line up? especially without slash on the guitar?

I think axl should take his head out of his ass and realize yeah he's good but he's not a god fuckin pompus asshole has a shitload of talent but he's just that a major fuckin asshole
Axl is fucking nuts if you ask me. Slash is one of the greatest guitar players of all time the guy just fucking rocks. Axl rooned it!!! Well i hope no one buys this album and either 1 of 2 things happen 1. Axl wakes up and gets the real GNR back together!!! is it possible i sure the fuck hope so. 2. He climbs back under the rock he has been under for the last 10 years and never comes back out or just dont use the GNR name on anything else unless its really GNR.


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very cool i look forward to it

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Well apparently AXL is too cause i read that he enjoyed playing with his new band and was happy. Imagine that AXL fucking happy jesus i just hope he doesnt turn into a pussy on us.



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Well where the fuck is the new album already. I miss axel's 10 minute songs. It's been so long. I think they waited too long. After the spagetti incedent bombed I think Axel thought his time was up. But I can't wait for the next one.

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