Guy eats Field rations


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They aren’t “bad” it falls under the when you’re hungry everything tastes good
Yes, but it's Banquette TV dinner quality for Gourmet prices. When I was stationed in Germany I would toss my MRE's to kids at the railhead. You'd be surprised how much food you can stuff inside a foot locker. I never ate MRE's in the field.


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They both like their snacks and think he must get a powerful buzz off those old smokes.



as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
Well, I did it, sadly I didn’t video it, I broke it out at our picnic yesterday mainly to tease my buddy and his kid, it was still “edible” the heater didn’t work great I think he put too much water in it, we opened the entree and I had a little nibble, but it tasted a little “off” so we tossed that, but the brownie and the rest of the stuff was fine, we bet his kid $100 that he couldn’t eat the crackers with out water in 90 seconds, yea he couldn’t do it. The meal was from October of 2000