Guy hits car. Car hits guy.


I love how indignant the British camera guy is. "You dumb wanker frogs!"
its all on tape.........that the driver fled in fear of his life

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I'm over here now.
It's all fun and games until someone peels out on your face.

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"he's ruined his career". Okay, limey prick....he's a cabbie. In Britain maybe being a cab driver is a noble working class job where a man does it for 35 years and retires to the south of France. However in my experience with cab drivers, they are generally a good bunch that would give up driving that cab the first chance they got. A few are just flat out Travis Bickle types, that I wouldn't trust any farther then I can throw them.


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I guess you could say he's feeling.....a little run down!

(insert Pat from Moonache laugh)


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Guess the cabbie didn't give him a brake.


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So close to crushing his skull, must try harder

from the y/t disc (i used google translate so fuck off)

Guercy Edmond, this taxi driver who ran over a man who had vandalized his car, was charged with aggravated assault, dangerous driving causing bodily harm, hit and run and armed assault on Monday after afternoon at the Montreal courthouse.

The prosecution objected to the 47 year old man, detained since Sunday, regaining their freedom. It will remain detained at least until its investigation deposit to be held Wednesday.

The accused is perceived as the victim in this whole affair, his lawyer, Yves Vaillancourt. "I was attacked," he told the criminal who spoke briefly with his client prior to his appearance.

Mr. Edmond has no criminal record. His wife and three of his relatives had traveled to attend the hearing.

The scene, which was filmed by at least two people who spread the images on YouTube, took place around 4 pm on the night of Sunday, at the corner of Boulevard Saint-Laurent and Rachel.

A dispute arose between the taxi driver and a Toyota group he would have to board or who wished to do so.

It is unclear why, but the driver would have at one time a young dark and hit the wall of a trade area by touching someone.

But it would have set fire to the powder, and the angry group broke loose on the taxi, hitting him with fists and feet. A youth is itself mounted on the car to jump on the roof with both feet.

The driver then attempted to flee, and in so doing, a youth jumped on the hood to slide under the car. It ran over the young man of 23 years. On a video, you can clearly see the car bounce twice during the passage of two wheels on the body.

The taxi then left the scene, chased by the angry group of attackers.

On another video, unbearable, we see the young man, very close to rolling on the head, and remain conscious in the moments that followed, as his friends and passers trying to help him until the paramedics.

Based since the young in serious condition but stable in hospital. When it is in better condition, it might even be charged with mischief on the taxi car.

A friend has also been arrested and released after signing a promise to appear. It will later be charged with mischief.

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He sure looked silly after he got crushed twice - like egghead Darth Vader at the end of Return of the Jedi