It seems to me that gwar was the big underground "freak metal band" They had beavis and buthead credibilty and wore costumes and all that stuff. But now slipknot has come along. I think this would be a intresing topic. Is slipknot a good band? or just gwar jr? is gwar the kings of costuem wearing,perveted lyrics,derannged metal? or are they actully old now? i hvaen't formed my opion yet but i'm comparing the two right now. Is slipknot the new gwar? is gwar the slipknot of the 80's?
I dont listen to GWAR but i have seen them before on tv and they look freaky.


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Slipknot is pretty cool thier song Wait and Bleed rocks I love it but the band is freaky I personaly Love Rob Zombie