Hack radio parody


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Found this great parody on youtube. It's put out by this "derrickcomedy". It's two hack DJs, "Johnny B and the Cheese" trapped in their studio by a wolf. Hilarity ensues...


Possible fodder for the show.

They've got some really funny videos out there.


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yea not bad; they have some other funny shit...

check out foreigner
another hack thing i saw, on saturday on Shotime 3 there was a documentry on breasts (i belive called busting out), the first thing was they went to a radio show in L.A.(the Tom Leykis show) who has "Flash Friday" where he encurages women to flash their breasts at fans of the show (Hoho)

i laughed my ass of when i saw this

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I've been into this video for a while now. "...Hasn't been to church in years, making peace with his god. Deep, deep, deep in prayer right now."


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derrickcomedy has some funny stuff. There's one where one of them is at a talent show playing a keyboard. Find that one.


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cool cool, alright, I got bruises, alright.