Haditha Video Doctored by Investigators


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Haditha Video Doctored by Investigators

Wednesday, September 5, 2007 1:25 PM

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A video taped from a Scan Eagle unmanned aerial vehicle – purported to show the action that took place in Haditha when 24 Iraqi civilians and insurgents were killed – was heavily edited by government investigators, a NewsMax investigation reveals.

The reason, according to an inside source: to avoid showing anything that exonerates the Marines who were accused of murdering the victims.

Four Marines originally faced murder charges stemming from the Haditha incident. Charges against three of them have since been dropped, but Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich is still facing a court martial.

NewsMax can reveal that the video – which was broadcast by CNN – was a small, carefully edited part of what the Scan Eagle transmitted during its daylong surveillance flight over the battle scene on Nov. 19, 2005. And shockingly, the approximately one hour of edited footage was the only Scan Eagle footage provided to the Marines’ defense teams by the prosecution.

According to CNN, “The video appears to show that, throughout that day, Marines engaged in fierce firefights and called in air strikes to level buildings - often with no definitive idea of who was inside."

Had the entire video been shown it would have revealed that the Marines knew exactly “who was inside” - insurgents were clearly shown entering the target buildings before the structures were bombed. If CNN had been able “to review the whole video, they would see that we did indeed have a definitive idea of who was inside,’" an intelligence officer told NewsMax.

The insurgents’ car parked outside the buildings “was packed to the gills with weapons, and we had just witnessed them complete an ambush on our ambulance,” the officer said. “We saw them enter the house, clapping each other on the back and congratulating themselves.”

The Marine intelligence officer who monitored the Scan Eagle’s video transmissions throughout the day told NewsMax that there was continuous video feed from the Scan Eagle for 8 to 10 hours. Yet barely an hour of it was provided to the Marines' defense teams by the prosecution or the Naval Criminal Investigation Service.

“Someone, under the supervision of NCIS, screened this video feed, and made the conscious decision to preserve only four segments of approximately 15 minutes each – according to the defense attorneys who received it upon discovery release,” our intelligence source confided.

“This 8 to 10 hours, viewed in its entirety, shows men in black, with weapons, fleeing the neighborhood of houses 1, 2, 3 and 4 [the area where the civilians and eight of the insurgents were killed]. It follows their route as they meet up with other insurgents throughout the city. It clearly demonstrates the magnitude of the insurgents’ organization, skill, and timing in attacking Marines.”

The video, he recalled, “shows them parking, exiting the vehicle, and entering the housing complex. It shows Marines assaulting the building, insurgents fleeing out the back of the building, and Marines falling back from the assault as the insurgents defend the house.”

Finally, the intelligence officer revealed, the full, undoctored Scan Eagle video “shows an insurgent, at the end of the day, under continuous observation from the air and under continuous pursuit and fire, emerge from a family's home holding their children hostage, in order to protect himself from further air strikes.”

The deliberate editing of the video to show the defendants in the worst possible light, the Marine intelligence expert told NewsMax, “should have the defense screaming prosecutorial and NCIS misconduct.”

The media have focused on the killing of five young men who arrived in the midst of the insurgent ambush in a white car, usually described as a taxi, and were gunned down by Wuterich and/or Sgt. Sanick P. Dela Cruz. Dela Cruz was one of the Marines originally accused of murdering civilians before charges were dropped when he agreed to testify against his fellow Marines.

Those media have generally sought to portray the Haditha ambush as a massacre by Marines on a rampage, and the media’s bias has been on display as recently as Friday when major newspapers largely ignored a key development in Frank Wuterich’s Article 32 hearing.

As reported by Nat Helms – who is covering the hearing for NewsMax as well as for the "Defend our Marines" Web site – the prosecution’s star witness all but collapsed on the witness stand after a withering cross-examination.

Wrote Helms: “During four hours of cross examination by defense attorney Lt. Col. Colby C. Vokey, Dela Cruz was unable to clearly explain his previous testimony. At one point he simply stopped talking and stared into the distance, seemingly at a loss for words. At other times he simply rambled on until he was ordered to quit talking.”

Richard Thompson is president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, a legal advocacy group that has represented Marine Lt. Colonel Jeffrey Chessani, who was charged with failing to fully investigate and report Iraqi civilian deaths in Haditha. Thompson wrote:

“The government has spared no expense seeking to find wrongdoing on the part of our hard-fighting Marines. They should spend like resources investigating … allegations of investigatory misconduct.”

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I'm a corpse without a soul...
Investigators = ACLU ?


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This reminds of another Marine, a LT who spent years defending himself against the government and the media only to be exonerated. Here's an article from 2005.

Marine cleared in killing of 2 Iraqis

Friday, May 27, 2005
By David Zucchino, Los Angeles Times

A Marine lieutenant accused of murdering two detained Iraqis and hanging a taunting sign over their corpses was cleared of all charges yesterday, a decision that the Marine Corps said was in "the best interests" of the officer and the country.

Marine 2nd Lt. Ilario G. Pantano, a Wall Street energy trader who rejoined the military in response to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, did not deny shooting the suspected insurgents 60 times or hanging the sign that displayed a corps slogan: "No better friend, no worse enemy."

Instead, Pantano, 33, asserted that he had killed the Iraqis in self-defense after the unarmed men made threatening moves toward him during an April 2004 search of their car near Mahmudiyah, Iraq, 15 miles south of Baghdad.

Pantano's civilian lawyer, Charles Gittins, said autopsies produced no evidence that the men had been shot in the back while on their knees, as an Arabic translator identified only as "Corporal O" had testified.

Maj. Gen. Richard Huck, commander of the 2nd Marine Division, dismissed all charges after "careful consideration" of the autopsies and an investigative report, the corps said in a statement at Camp Lejeune, N.C., Pantano's home base. "The best interests of 2nd Lt. Pantano and the government have been served by this process," the statement said.

The case, one of a number in which Americans have been accused of executing suspected Iraqi insurgents, explored what many service members said was a fine line between murder and self-defense during the chaos of combat.

Another such case concluded yesterday at Fort Hood, Texas, when an Army staff sergeant was acquitted of murder in the death of an unarmed Iraqi whom he said he shot to save a fellow soldier.

A jury of four soldiers and two officers deliberated for less than three hours before finding Staff Sgt. Shane Werst not guilty of premeditated murder.

Before the jury announced the verdict, the judge, Col. Theodore Dixon, found Werst not guilty of obstruction of justice. Dixon said he decided to rule on that count, but did not give an explanation.

Prosecutors said the killing of Naser Ismail, a suspected insurgent, was in retaliation for an Army captain's death earlier that day. Werst, 32, said he only shot Ismail because he was lunging for an unsuspecting soldier's weapon during house raids in Iraq.

Werst testified yesterday that he doesn't regret gunning down Ismail, but admitted his actions afterward in making the slaying look like self-defense were wrong.

Veterans around the country rallied behind Pantano, accusing the military of second-guessing a man who had risked his life for his country under difficult conditions.

A Web site run by Pantano's mother, defendthedefenders.org, raised money for his defense.

Asked what he believed had turned the case in Pantano's favor, Gittins said: "You have an officer of unimpeachable integrity who said, 'These guys threatened me, and I killed them.' ( :clap: )Ilario acted honorably in combat."

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)
This is why I will always stand by and support the grunt first.

What the hell is going on in the military today? Colonels and generals ready to let their soldiers hang in the wind .... I'm disgusted by it. :mad4:


I'm a corpse without a soul...
This reminds of another Marine, a LT who spent years defending himself against the government and the media only to be exonerated. Here's an article from 2005.

This is why I will always stand by and support the grunt first.

What the hell is going on in the military today? Colonels and generals ready to let their soldiers hang in the wind .... I'm disgusted by it. :mad4:
I actually bumped into him in midtown Manhattan one day and was talking to him about it, he had a forgive and forget attitude.


There's nothing quite like a shorn scrotum.
I actually bumped into him in midtown Manhattan one day and was talking to him about it, he had a forgive and forget attitude.
After all he went through and how he was vilified in the media, he is a better man than me.

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