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I just thought I'd ask everyone. What kind of hairstyle do you have? I mean is there one that you have gone with for the past some odd years. I can't seem to get away from shaving my head. I have a buzzer and I shave my head whenever I start to see a shadow.

What kind of hairstyles do you all prefer? What do you stick with? What is most comfortable with you?

A retarded post? Maybe. But anything to get my mind of shitting and pissing on a woman. Hahaha Jay. :D

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Right now I'm sporting a crew cut... Next week I'll have a ponytail to boot. ^^


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I have really long red hair, and it's annoying as hell. but i cannot cut it or my mom will throw me out.


I speak the human language
Pony tail? lmao.

Okay new rule of Wackbag. You must shave your head and carry the left over hair in a baggy with glue. When you see a skinhead beat ass down and then glue the hair to his head. Then smack him and tell him: "Only Wackbaggers are allowed to use a baldhead as a sign of unity!!" Then when all is said and done, go to the road show. Hurry!!!


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My hair is a fuckin natural wavy shit... so I have to put a flat iron to make it all is a pain in the ass but well worth it... bb knows about it
Ok i used to have long hair that i slicked back with hair gel until like 5 years ago when i got pissed oneday and shaved it all off. Now keep my hairshort all the time. I have tried to grow my hairback a few times but i always end up quitting and cutting it off again cause im so used to having short hair all the time now it just doesnt feel right.

Sometimes when i get bored i shave my head bald.


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Jay you just explained excactly why I created this post. I do the same shit. I try to let it grow, but then I get sick of all the combing and just shave it. It's not even the combing, I just don't like hair. I always end up shaving it. I say fuck hair! :D
Dam straight Mav, Its annoying as hell i hate hair. I just keep it short and everyone tells me that i look better with short hair anyway its just like i got the head for that.


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That's what I am saying bro. It's funny. I came home from work yesterday all sweaty and my head was all itchy and shit. So I buzzed my head, shaved my face. I now feel like a newborn. It's just a refreshing feeling. It's like Dr. Evil says: "There is nothing quite like a shorn scrodem, I assure you" ..Well a head atleast. :D
Hell Yeah Mav i get my hair cut once a week and trim my goatee too its just a refreshing clean feeling i know exactly what you mean man. I also hate that itching feeling you get when you get the shadow it feels like you never got your haircut in months and all you can imagine or think about is how good its gonna feel when you get your haircut.


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I think some guys look really good with the 5 o'clock shadow
but not all some really do need to shave
I get two haircuts a year. One in January and one in July. I get the sides buzzed with no guard and faded up to a short top. By the time I get another haircut it is about shoulder length and just getting to the point of being unmanagable. The short hair is so much easier, but I like the look of longer hair.
BB, just shave off all your hair and buy a red wig and wear it around your mom.