HitW Half in the Wackbag! (I'm going to hear from Plinkett's Lawyers)

Creasy Bear

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Ok, I want in on this for several reasons.

1. It has been FAR too long since I have been able to HitW.
2. I have always wanted to do a HitW with @Creasy Bear but never pulled it off. See also reason 1.
3. Just the written synopsis on Netflix makes me want to do this. Holy fuck.
4. I actually have the time to do this in the next couple of evenings. Just not tonight.

I'm busy this evening, and it's probably already too late to put this together properly anyway.

@Creasy Bear

Can we figure this out for tomorrow or Tuesday, because I want in. I won't go so far as to piggy this, but I would very much like to be here.
I'll do this one every night of the week. It's that craptacular.


Silence, you mortal Fuck!
What the hell is all this about? No HitW on Sunday's until @LiddyRules gets unwonked!

For me anyway. The rest of you fine fellows can do as you please.


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How about Eraser with Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Caan, and Vanessa Williams?
Cheese ball dialogue

Prime Vanessa Williams

Worst use of a stuntman ever

Arnold breaking necks with ease

Awful cgi alligator


Silence, you mortal Fuck!


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@Pigdango - Think we might be able to get a group together for Tuesday. Or at the very least watch a couple of more AoS episodes?


RIP King of France. Gutted Like Fish Under R Line
Pick out the best ones!
The Bobbi/Hunter farewell episode is a good one, but the one after the one we watched was better than the one we watched while also bring stupider. Probably because it was stupider.