Hall no-shows NWO Reunion


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Hall no-shows NWO Reunion

Scott Hall no-showed an advertised NWO Reunion autograph session held this afternoon in Southern California.
Hall was part of an event at Frank & Son's Collectibles at the City of Industry, CA, where featured a reunion with Hall, Kevin Nash, Konnan, Scott Steiner, Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell.
Nash came out and took the blame, saying he was the one who convinced the promoters to book Hall, saying that he believed he would be able to get Hall to show up.
At first it was announced Hall had missed his flight in but would be coming on a later flight. Three hours later it was announced Hall would not be appearing at all.


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Wasnt Everybody that worked in WCW in the NWO at some point? I wonder if Vincent got the Invite and sat alone at his own table.


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At that point Flair was being buried in the desert wasn't he or going to the nuthouse with Hall?