Hansel and Gretl: Witch Hunters


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It looks cool, but strange.

Looks a lot like the Brothers Grimm, but they cast Renner instead of Damon, and a girl instead of the Heath Ledger.
It's about missing children, and has Peter Stormare as the disliked local.
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That could be the worst thing I've seen in quite some time. Looks like the worst parts of Van Helsing and Brothers Grimm thrown into one big incoherent mess.


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I'm torn

The movie looks like shit, but they used NIN in the trailer so I was pumped just from that...


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Potential issues with the movie aside, that's a horrible trailer. It doesn't know how it wants to portray the movie and spends more time on all the different weapons than anything else. Then again, that may be a pretty good representation of the actual film.


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Renner really will just take any 'ol fucking thing.


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I read that they were aiming for a PG-13 but decided to go with an R because it tested better. So that's a good thing.


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At least it's bloody.


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Hell yeah, I'll watch that. I love shitty movies.