HAPPENING NOW: Police have closed streets near the CNN Center

mr. sin

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ATLANTA -- Police have shut down Marietta Street in downtown Atlanta between Spring Street and Andrew Young Drive. They have also closed Centennial Olympic Park Drive NW between Georgia Dome Drive NW and Nassau Street NW.
Officers are sweeping the CNN Center for any suspicious people or packages following a phone threat from a man who told 911 Operators he was at the location with "a chemical bomb".
11Alive News has crews going to the scene. This story will be updated as more information comes in.


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Has anyone with an actual bomb that they plan to use ever called to warn authorities before they operated it?
Seems they would be concentrating on not being found out.

mr. sin

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CNN bomb threat caller demanded $15,000 and a plane ticket. Said he was wanted by the Feds on a RICO charge. Again, no bomb found.

Norm Stansfield

Probably because it's well hidden. I say just evacuate Atlanta, to be on the safe side.