Happy 30th to E.T.


Go back to your shanties.

June 11, 2012 marks the 30th Anniversary of E.T.

Don't you dare insult it or I'll use my walkie talkie.


Silence, you mortal Fuck!
I cried when I saw it in the theater. My mother pointed and laughed at me because I laughed at her the week before for crying when Spock died.


Supreme Champion!!!!!
Might as well just throw this out there to avoid all the pussyfooting around and get it out of the way:
The first and last time Drew Barrymore was fuckable.

Oh come on, someone was gonna say it sooner or later!!!

Lord Zero

Viciously Silly
Happy 30th anniversary to the only (as far as I know) kid's movie to contain the term "penis breath".