Happy 4th Of July


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Let's kick tires and light the fires Big daddy. :D

Nice sig bro. Happy 4th of July to all yall. Enjoy the humidity. :D


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I found a cool interative game/card for the 4th of July.


P.S. Thanks for Fofolina for reminding me of this site. :D :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Heh heh LOL!!! That was pretty cool i was laughing my ass off. :)


I speak the human language
Classic Son. Thanks for 4th of july greeting. :D
Happy 4th to everyone from the state where fireworks are legal! Well not all of them but the ones that are not legal can be bought just over the border in SC. Everyone have a fun and safe holiday!


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THANKS YOU ALL happy 4th to you too. im gonna go get blitzed then blow my hand off lol later and stay safe.
Harry ;)