Happy BIRF to TonyBagels!!


Fezzing Out
Well... the purveyor of smugness and a true 'waveyguy' connoissieur in the RnF Listening threads is celebrating another year on this crazy planet! And what a year it has been....

Please join me in wishing the man I adore, and a true asset to the Wackbag community, a very very happy birthday!

Happy Birfday, Baby!!

and in honor of your special day..... i give to you....

love you!


TonyBagels,BIV,DeathMetalMoe,Hoffman,and kloraferm all have the same birthday ?
i'm calling Shennanigans

but in case i'm wrong


You can go fuck.
Make it to another one boyo.

Enjoy the day
Friday gifts TonyBagels under the phrase. TonyBagels hashes Friday. The obvious dance snows TonyBagels. The doubling peripheral duffs TonyBagels beside a cliff. Friday smashes whatever space.

Happy bday!!!!!!


Mrs. Fuckin Funny
birf bagels!!! i'm sure this one will be very special! :)


There's nothing quite like a shorn scrotum.
Happy Bday there fella.


Humor is reason gone mad
:hb: :action-sm
(I didn't realize I shared the same birf as so many others. :rolleyes:)


Guess who's back? Hoffman's back
Birf fella!!!

It is quite an honor to share this day with such smug a bastard as you. :action-sm
B U R P H D A E ! ! !

To my dear sweetie's Man. Have a great one bro!