Happy Birthday Travis!


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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Travis!!!

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Was that pic taken in Rockaway Beach? It looks a lot like Rockaway Beach. How do I know? Because I've lived in Rockaway Beach my whole life. It looks like it's down by the rocks down past 90th street. I went fishing on those rocks once with my uncle, and I fell into the ocean. Actually, I'm not sure if those are the same exact rocks, but they might be. If theyre not, we went fishing off rocks that looked just like those.

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Pound my bloody fudge!!
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happy birthday to the ugliest chick in radio! :action-sm

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Spark it up for The Godfather and say!!!!!
Travis looks like Boris Grishenko, from Goldeneye

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Get it right, it's Dopey & Aintfunny!
Thanks guys, you're all sweethearts.

And for the record, thats Coney Island, not Rockaway.