Happy Gilmore's Grandma - RIP


Go back to your shanties.

Frances Bay -- famous for playing Adam Sandler's grandma in "Happy Gilmore" -- passed away Thursday at the age of 92 ... her agent confirms.

Bay spent most of her life as a housewife -- deciding to pursue a career as an actress in the 1970's -- when she was already in her mid-50's.

In addition to playing the grandma on "Happy Gilmore" -- she also guest-starred as the Fonz's grandma on "Happy Days".

Take good care of her Chubbs.
I bet she's getting that deep dickin from Shooter McGavin as we speak. Lucky old broad.


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I have to go help the Meester Meester lady.


Go back to your shanties.
She died from finger pains.



Fuckin savages
I heard she died while being mugged of a marble rye....is that accurate?