Happy One Year Merger Anniversary!


Be afraid...be very afraid.
Feb 9, 2006
Definitely not Florida
Can anyone else believe it's been a year since XM and Sirius announced they were going to merge? Who can forget all the trepidation, which gave way to nervous excitement as we wondered how our bbbboys and the buddays were going to fare? I think things have worked out better than any of us could have thought.

Unhappy Anniversary, XM and Sirius!

Huh, wait, what?


I'm Gonna Be The Bestest Pilot In The Whole Galaxy
Jun 1, 2005
That right there is my biggest FEAR!!
Fuck the Merger, Fuck Howard, Fuck Mel, Fuck Siruis, Fuck the Zombies
Your biggest fear actually involves them with a live radio show at a decent time? What's your second worst nightmare? That a cake might be too delicious?

There's always the possibility that Mel will simply take them off (esp. if the CBS deal is re-signed) or move them to middays. Or that the longer it takes for the merger to be decided, the worse it is for both companies.