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I got a guy who wants to build a sick gaming machine and plays Unreal Tournament

He's got a Gateway GM5664, AMD Phenom Quad Core, 1TB HD, 3GB Ram...
Specs Here

He wants Dual 8800GTX cards in there.

I told him his motherboard will not take dual cards, plus the 400W power supply would be insufficient.

So he wants to salvage as much as he can and build a new machine.

So my questions:

1. I need an AMD motherboard that will support Dual 8800GTX cards.

Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe - would that work? Seems like its got the dual PCI Express cards.

2. Power supply - how many watts would he need? 900W?

3. Cooling - what issues may I have with this configuration?

4. He's got an AGEIA PhysX Physics Accelerator Card, are these things any good? Never even heard of them until he said he had one.

Im not too up on this extreme gaming technology. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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First, with cards like the 8800, you need to look at not just wats, but total amperage and the number of 12v rails. My 8800GTX ACS3 pulls 21a under load, and overtaxes a lot of power supplies. With dual 8800s, youll also want to get a PSU with 4 12v rails, to be on the safe side.

Cooling: good luck. One 8800GTX is hot as shit, much less 2. The GTs, however, are supposed to run a lot cooler.

Youre gonna need a new case. I had to build my system around my 8800GTX due to how fucking MASSIVE that card is. Most cases simply do not have the space.

Personally, Id tell him to wait for the rest of the 9000 series cards to come out, and not commit to the now last-gen 8800s. Later this year Im planning to go all water cooled with a high end 9x series card and a quad core processor.

Finally, theres not a game out right now that Im aware of thatll push an 8800GTX for all its worth. Two is overkill, and unneeded. Tell him to save his money.

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AGEIA PhysX Physics Accelerator Cards are supposed to just deal with the physics calculations in games... some games support it. GRAW2 does, Crysis probably does. you could probably find a list somewhere on the web. If you are going to max out your rig then you'll want one, but if you have a budget its not that important,yet.

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I'd have to agree with WoodenPlank, due to the heat and power consumption, it's best to wait for the 9800GTX. And if he insists on 2 8800GTX in SLi, you definitely need to go liquid cooling...

Side note: PhysX was recently bought up by NVidia.
Two 8800's are absolute overkill.. but if you must, 900w would only be the bare minimum PSU, wouldn't be smart.


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I had read something a few months back when I was pc shopping about the amd quad core. I read that the amd were very buggy, and that amd acknowledged that it will fix it, but the fix won't be until late spring 08 models. how does it run for him?


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He could pick up an 8800GT for relatively cheap. The performance is only 3% under a GTX, and it's much smaller and cooler.

Running and SLI rig just not needed right now. If he wants to wait for a little, he'll be able to pick up a 9800 that'll do him just fine.


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I know he's got one 8800GTX and wants to buy another.

The dude doesnt seem like he knows WHAT he wants...He kinda just found my business online and cold-called me.

I'll tell him he is a douche.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
I know he's got one 8800GTX and wants to buy another.

The dude doesnt seem like he knows WHAT he wants...He kinda just found my business online and cold-called me.

I'll tell him he is a douche.
i dont know computers but i know douche, you sir have a douche on your hands, i get them all the time, they will go on and on about what they want to build into a car, then after about 20 mins of my time i tell them that it has become a consulting visit that will be 50$ an hour, they either call me an asshole or will schedule a time to start the work. i get asshole a lot. :rolleyes: