Harley Race is a spooky ghost


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Professional wrestler Harley Race dead at 76

Former professional wrestler Harley Race died at age 76 reportedly due to complications from lung cancer.
The news came by way of a message on the NWA World Heavyweight Champion’s verified Twitter page just days after a tweet announcing that the star’s condition had improved and he was allegedly going home to continue treatment.


The God of 42nd Street
Ah yes, the first ever King of the Ring champion which started that whole King- business.


Somewhere on Molly Ringwald
I've heard he was a legit badass. A little before my time, but a legend I guess.
He had some crazy parties at his place in St Joe. My dad and his buddy knew him pretty good and I got to go with them to a few gatherings. Naked girls running around kept us 12-14 yo boys from getting out of the pool. I think it was to keep us away from the lines being cut out in the kitchen.
It's a testament to the respect Harley received that CM Punk downed a shot of whiskey in his honor. And that Vince McMahon paid to have him flown back to St. Louis from Florida after his Medicare ran out.

A great worker, legit tough guy, and a class act to his fans. RIP sir.