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Well that was Opie in his finest. Opie is really mean. That part when Anthony paused when he did not know what Cindy Williams of "Laverne and Shirley", did after her show. This is Cringe radio at its finest.

P.S. O&A gave credit to Andy Kaufman for coming up with the bit and her being on as a part of his bit.
You see, if Opie didn't mention that she was going to be on Has Been Corner, it wouldn't have been as awful.


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that was some crazy ass shit and totaly cringe radio..but you are right ran-chan...he should have kept it hush hush then it would have been pretty cool


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that shit was funny as hell. I didn't hear it the first time but when they replayed it i was dying. I thought that the lady was gonna cry. It's an instant classic.
Oh yeah... That would've been great! And Cindy williams did do a short lived TV sitcom... It was on NBC for a year, then it moved to ABC.


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i'm not sure, but i believe she was charlie from the "laverne and Sharlie*sp*" show

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She was 'Shirley' from 'Laverne and Shirley'.... One of my Idols... We LOVE those two! We may show up for their autographs, we don't know yet... :D


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I have to give her one thing. She lost alot of wieght since that movie. The one about the humpback guy, who finally comes out of hiding at a college. He tries to learn how to speak, but all that comes out is Maka-malooga. Finally he learns and Cindy Williams the professor that tought him winds up falling in love with him. Does anyone remember this movie?

Anyway bringing her up will always bring a cringe to my face. That was some of the most brutal radio since that guy who was not actually the robot from "lost in space" but the guy in the suit. "Hello" ::Crickets:: "Hello". Brutal

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