HBK question?

Ok guys its all over the net and its kinda of a spoiler but i wanna ask you guys if you have heard anything about it.

As reported yesterday afternoon, Shawn Michaels was scheduled to return to WWF television at the Smackdown taping Tuesday night, however, his segment was cut again due to time constraints according to a report by the Wrestling Observer. Michaels then walked out of the show and was obviously quite unhappy about the situation.

Ok this was on the newsboard over at rajahwwf.com now i know most of the news is just rumors and not true at all but i do know that the Ross Report had him returning on RAW. Then he was supposed to return on SMACKDOWN. Now i read this. Heres my take on this maybe there is a few answers to this. With the WWF buying WCW there was just too much stuff jammed packed into a great kick ass episode of RAW and then with SMACKDOWN they dont want to change the focus off of WM17. Maybe he will be on the RAW monday after WM17 where it would make more sense him showing up since traditionally big announcements are made at that time. Maybe he is gonna join Shane and this is just McMahon finding away to work him into the story lines cause he could be a very huge player. I know McMahon is a genius and all but i just like HBK i wanna make sure he is coming back in some capacity whether he is wrestling again or playing something like the commissoner again.


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I think he'll be back. That rumor might be true. Vince may be leaving HBK out of wrestlemania, and that's probably why he's pissed. With him buying WCW , he probably has so much shit to work with now. He might go in another direction at wrestlemania. But I hope HBK comes back the following night on raw. Who knows it might all be rumors and he might still show up at smackdown.
He will be there... Look for a WCW invasion at Smackdown! or Wrestlemania.
Well i got a wrestling newsletter i subscribe too and it explained the situation more. Apparently HBK was supposed to cut his promo on RAW but the symilcast with WCW didnt leave much time so they told him to cut the promo at SMACKDOWN but cause of a huge build up to WM17 on the show they had to cancel his promo again cause there was no time left. They he was upset and left the arena cause there was nothing for him to do.
He is still supposed to make an appearance at WM17 even though they cant hype it or promote it. He could easily be fit into the storylines there.
Yeah IOHN, that is one of the stories being told. The other rumor (and I stress rumor) is that HBK arrived for Smackdown but was deemed to not be in condition to perform. That could mean many different things. Could mean his state of mind was wrong and they were afraid of what he would say. Then again it is not like it was a live show. Could mean that he is out of shape and would look bad in the role they had planned for him, but it is not like he was gonna wrestle so I don't know. Could mean he was drunk or high, but he is a father and more responsible then before so I don't know. There is also the possibility that with the merger and purchase of WCW the storyline for HBK might have been changed. You can never tell and only find of parts of the story and rumors on the net. I am not sure if he will be at Wrestlemania X-seven or not. Then again this could all just be more hype to get more people to tune in. In the end we will find out, but by then another hot story will be more interesting. Just have to wait and see.