HD video & computer performance


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I got a new video card which is amazing - 1Gb AMD radeon HD 6850. I was shocked when after installing skyrim the suggested settings were the second best ones. I've heard this is due to that game being so GPU intensive. Whatever, I'll take it. I didn't even expect to be able to play it without upgrading more things.

But I can barely play some of the high quality videos that seem to be the norm these days. Say an mp4 of a movie-length video that's about 2.5 - 3.0 gb. Only takes a second or two on vlc or mpc before there's a problem, even after shutting down all other programs. Pretty unwatchable. I guess it's the processor or the memory, right? I have duo 3.0 GHz and 4 gb. Which one is more likely to help the video problem more if I upgrade it? I also have shitty vista. I wonder if there can be problems related to the OS for this kind of thing. Doubt it, but who knows anymore.
The specs of your system should be good enough to do HD video without issues. One of my PCs has onboard AMD 4200 gpu, 2.3Ghz amd cpu, 2GB ram and winXP and can play the latest bluray rips that can be 20+ GB and are playing over a network share even.

Im sure you have done it already but check gpu drivers (if at latest try to downgrade), uninstall VLC and codec packs if you have installed then reinstall latest VLC. Maybe there is an issue with the video files themselves?

I have seen files here and there that work like you describe but I just assume they were ripped poorly.


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Yup the driver was the first thing I checked. I tend to check that a lot for one reason or another.

I think the rips are about as trustworthy as it gets - files from tstn with thousands of completions from a top capper there.

I'll try the VLC idea. This is pretty frustrating as I'm positive it should work a lot better.
Maybe try older driver sometimes that does work for some issues. The hardware you have should be more than enough to play an HD video though. Do you have any codec packs installed? Maybe trying one may work for you. I know I come across a file every now and then that doesnt work just right. Or works fine as long as you dont try to jump forward/back.

Do you have any other video software that may be installed that could be mucking with VLC settings?


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Sometimes you have to double check the settings within the player you're using to make sure that you have hardware decoding selected not software decoding. You want the majority of the processing to be done by your GPU.


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It was the beginning of a much bigger problem that got worse and worse. Eventually games started crashing the computer. Instant power off. Then the higher quality videos I was talking about started doing it. Now just running the computer is enough. Stays on from 0 to 10 minutes.

Don't know what it is. I bought the video card about 3 months ago, and a PS that could more than handle it, and it was fine for a while. So I don't see why that could be an issue. I even started blowing a window fan directly on it to dissipate any heat immediately. And leaving it off and cold for a day or more. No change.

My guess is old motherboard that slowly started frying.


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It could be the Power Supply, or the new video card. The motherboard is usually the last thing if it's been running for a few years.
Check your CPU, GPU, and case fans and see if any have seized up. Check your memory slots and make sure they are firmly inserted with the locking tabs fully engaged. Sometimes you dislodge stuff installing a new hardware in your rig, unplugging stuff and moving cables around. Make sure everything is plugged back in. It could still be the Power Supply, the new video card could have been the straw that broke the camels back, or the video card could be bad. I'd try the card in another computer to see if runs okay. If you have onboard video or still have your old video card, swap them and see if it runs okay. If it runs then the power supply could still be the problem, not having enough power for the video card. That's why you should try the card in another computer and see if it runs okay.