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The DJNewStyle Show and Best in Show Radio are teaming up to bring you HearUsTalk.

From the announcement made by Chris from Best In Show:

From this day forward, both Best In Show and The DJNewstyle Show will be using Hear Us Talk as our means of internet radio broadcast.

Hear Us Talk is not a station looking to lump a bunch of shows together to fill a broadcast schedule. We are friends that respect each others work, and want to be associated with each other as we attempt to move forward in this radio game. The Hear Us Talk website is still very much in the “Under Construction” stage, and will continue to develop over the coming weeks.​

When the shows are live, there will be feeds available for audio and video. Our uStream video section provides 2 video feeds, audio, and a chatroom.

Our audio feeds should work on all platforms, even mobile devices. In fact, one of the audio feeds has been specifically designed to work on iPhones/iPod Touch.

All of this is in addition to paltalk.

Tune in on Sunday, 11AM - 1PM Eastern, as Best In Show brings their fantasy cavalcade to Hear Us Talk for the very first time.

Thank you for supporting our programs as we continue to grow!