It is Blazing outside right now. You got to love this weather, I love the fucking Heat. Good News they said its gonna be this hot almost all week and it maynot break until Friday or not.


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I hate this!!! I have to work at constant sweat. I hate being soaked with sweat. It is the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. I have to stay like that from 9-6 or 7. Nothing feels better than a nice hot day on the weekend. I hate working in this shit. It was sweltering today. :mad:


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Ha i hate this weather my darm ac broke down today now i have nothing
Normally I love this weather, but today was BRUTAL! I was out unloading trucks from 11:30 til 2:30, and almost passed out cold.
However I'll think back fondly when it's friggin 20 below.
I love summer!


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dam i got to get out of new this weekend to get out of the heat


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I really hate the heat it sux ass big time...
I get all fuckin cranky and annoyed by it..thank god it rained..But it is still muggy and that sux to..