Heavenly Sword Demo (PS3)

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Heads up! The Heavenly Sword demo is due for release on the PSN Store 7/26/07. Looking forward to this one big time.

And some comments from the Heavenly Sword blog on IGN about some things people may want to check out when playing the demo:


Heavenly Sword Demo: A Ninja's Guide to Success

I’m taking a guess that, if you’re reading this blog, chances are you’ve seen the episode of Heroes in which Niki Sanders (aka Jessica) and her son Micah start the show playing Heavenly Sword. Am I right?

Well now you can do what they were doing - or at least you can from Thursday July 26, anyway! That’s right: the demo of Heavenly Sword came flying out of Format Testing and is hitting Playstation Network tomorrow - but then you all already knew that, didn’t you?

But, if the internet is awash with this news already, why should you read this blog update? Well, it's only here that I can give you guys the inside track to make sure you get the most out of the demo. Spread the word, this is the place to be...

So, as I say, what I want to do here is highlight some of the cool bits for you to check out in the demo. Call it a personal 'Mat Hart Guided Tour of the Heavenly Sword Demo' if you like. Sound cool?

Our demo opens with Nariko and her adopted sister looking out over an ancient water temple as they begin their search for their father. Kai quickly runs off to hide safely from Bohan’s soldiers and the game begins as Nariko attempts to find a way down to the temple. In a short space of time, you’ll find yourself in the thick of it as Bohan’s soldiers and guards rush in and attack Nariko.

So, things to try out are:

- Experiment with stance switching. Nariko can instantly switch between stances using the shoulder buttons. Your standard stance is the Speed Stance, L1 pressed and held is the Ranged Stance and R1 pressed and held is the Power Stance. You’ll find the various enemies react differently to each stance, meaning you’ll need to find different tactics to defeat them with style.

- Once you’ve mastered the basic attacks, it's time to try some advanced stuff. Wait for an enemy to attack and hit TRIANGLE to counter their strike. This relies on careful timing but, if you get it just right, you’ll deliver a killing blow to your attacker.

- By this time, you should have some Superstyle built up. Look at the HUD element in the top left: the inner dial is your Superstyle bar. Whenever one or more of the gems light up, you have access to a variety of Superstyles that can wipe out dozens (and in later levels, literally hundreds) of opponents in one devastating blow. These moves are stance specific so, at each level, you have a Speed, Power and Ranged Superstyle. Activate these using CIRCLE while in the stance of your choice. Obviously the more gems highlighted, the bigger and more devastating the Superstyle!

- Got that nailed? Sweet! Now try using L1+TRIANGLE on someone who's staggered - they'll fly up into the air. If you’re quick enough, jerk the pad up and Nariko will launch into an aerial combo. Try SQUARE + SQUARE + SQUARE to start with but don’t forget that other combos are shown in the pause menu.

- On that note, Nariko only has a handful of moves available in the demo, with tonnes more to unlock during the full game. Some of these moves have a little broken shield icon which signifies that this is a Block Breaker move - use these to break down enemy defenses.

Hopefully, this’ll give you a good place to start for now. Let me know how you get on - I’d love to hear what you find cool! Over the next few weeks, I’ll try and reveal more of the techniques and tactics you can use in the demo and final game.

One final sneaky tip: don’t kill the axeman during the opening hero sequence (i.e. miss the final SQUARE press) as you slide down the ropes. This’ll give you a chance to see what it’s like fighting a tougher character!

- Mat Hart
This is the first game where I said to myself, "I'm going to need to call a friend that has a PS3". It looks like an assload of fun.
This is the first game where I said to myself, "I'm going to need to call a friend that has a PS3". It looks like an assload of fun.
yeah i saw the e3 coverage on g4 for this and my god it looked so much better than what they previously showed.


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When is Heavenly Sword released?


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I rememeber watching Heroes and thinking to myself, "Hey, how did they get that game... Hell.... how did they get a PS3 almost 2 weeks before they were out!"
I know this is supposed to be badass, but I'm more excited about Lair coming out in less then 3 weeks.


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Played it. Really freaking short demo. Character models are good. The hair physics stink though. Gameplay feels a lot like NGS as you don't just constantly attack and hope not to get killed. I hate how I can't skip cutscenes.

You get only 2 major battles in the demo.


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Its a short demo, but i thought it was great and i will be buying it the day its released. Also why would you want to skip the cutscenes?


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When you have seen them already and want to get to the action, of course.

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Holy shit this is a short demo. But it is a lot more interesting if you experiment with the tips in the first post of this thread. I played through the demo using only counters and found the game way easier to play. I also killed a bunch of enemies just by picking up dead bodies and holding down the X-button after throwing them to steer the dead body into them. That was pretty sweet. :)

I'll try playing in only ranged stances and power stances or with only "block breaker" moves to see how they differ from each other.

I can see myself buying this game immediately after release.