Hell freezes over: NYT reports on decrease in Iraq violence.


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Feb 11, 2006
Washington D.C.
The NYT is unable to continue to deny the real inconvenient truth: security has greatly improved in Iraq.

It appears that even Newsweek grudgingly has to report this positive news as well.

Therefore, conservative blogger Ed Morrissey brings up the obvious: isn't it about time the NYTimes, and others (including, say, certain Wackbag posters) apologize to General Petraeus for portraying his positive Iraq progress report as nothing but fiction and White House spin?


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Nov 12, 2004
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I would have loved to have seen the editors at the NYT and Newsweek debate publishing this news. They must have been ready to commit suicide.

But, I have to admit, to a certain degree some critics were right, we did need more troops there. That's now obvious.

Don the Radio Guy

Mar 30, 2006
Wonder how this week compares as to the number of readers of major news media. Probably right up there with the week after Christmas and the month of August.


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Nov 17, 2006
right where I wanna be
The last email I got from my cousin, who's flying Cobras in Fallujah, said the Iraqi people were finally starting to work with coalition forces and win back their country. He said at the beginning of the war they sided with the insurgents but learned that once the U.S. pulls out, the insurgents are going to kill them to take over and that what we're seeing now is the insurgents targeting Iraqi civilians because they are showing coalition forces where the insurgents are hiding, where the IEDs are and where the weapons caches are.

I'd wait a little longer before throwing any sort of a victory party though. Yes, violence has decreased...but it's decreased before. This could just be another lull before the insurgents storm out again. They're starting to realize that they can't win. But they're not going to go down without a fight.