Hello From Chicago!

Hello O & A fans, I just heard the guys yesterday and they sound great, Now before I get hated I have been a Stern Fan all my life but I really like these guys O and A, here in Chicago, we have been STARVING for entertainment, We have this asshole named Steve Dahl, who runs the 2-7 pm timeslot, he's a total bore.....all he does is talk trash about other DJ'S as a matter of fact, he CLAIMS that when he was out there, O & A was kissing his ass,.....ect ect, he basically ran a guy out of here named Brandmeier, who was real funny, and Steve Dahl's wife continues to get our "FREE" messageboards shutdown when she dont like whats being said about her fat hubby, ..........

You O and A fans will hear more about this asshole in the future, hes a ballbreaker,

Thank god O & A are here....
DAhls fans are already pissed because they see the potential threat O & A can be,

The only problem is that WCKG put O & A on a tape delay we dont get them until 900 pm,

Hopefully we can get them LIVE,
Check out this losers website, look @ the fourm(s) www.dahl.com

Theres an old saying around these parts:
Hey Welcome to Wackbag and im glad you like O&A!!! You are gonna like it here :)

Most of us where Sterns all our life as well but got fed up with the constant complaning from him about hoo hoo he's ripping me off Robin, and he invented this and that. I think i like O&A most because they keep it real. Dont worry this other fuck from Chicago will be sorry if he tries to fuck with O&A.

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Welcome dude . We dont hate people that post whats on their mind welcome and Steve will lose in the end
Welcome to the board. Glad you registered and hope you enjoy the board as much as we do. As far as this guy saying O and A were kissing his ass. I don't think so! O and A don't kiss anyone's ass. Even if they should just to smooth things over. They are as real as it gets. Just wait and see. Like Dirty Harry said - O and A always win in the end!


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Welcome to Wackbag...Also very glad that you like Opie&Anthony...they totaly rock
Speak what you feel and Enjoy it here you will love it :D


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welcome aboard bro, I assure you that if that guy says something about O&A he is going to regret it all his life. The guys know how to take care of people like that.
Welcome bruddah! I think that the attackon Dahl has already began my friend... :D
Welcome to all chicago listeners. and to those that had to resort to stealing my name to plug another site on the Dahl board.... YOUR MOMS BOX


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My name was taken also
the funny thing is i know when i join a board i put my name in caps so it is not me
Well the other board is at it again, Please do not respond to them and please dont disrespect the Dahl message board, They have done nothing to us.

Many of them will be future O&A fans

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