Hell's Kitchen


I can't think of anything funny.
I am watching it off and on too. Never seen it before and I am liking it so far.


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Love the show. Lots of crying this year and a little freak.

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I have watched both seasons so far and love it. Ramsey rulezzzzzzzzzz!

Sct Ptersns Twn

Looking 4 a New 1st Mate
Ha, ha, a double cross from 2 women on the first show?????? Who'd a thunk it?


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Was the chick who made the decision on who to pic a typical jewish long island broad or what?


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Great show, looking forward to the rest of the season. Guess ya can't vote off a wiggle right off the bat, huh.

Also, that mankid Eddie is a goblin.


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That's funny Distortion, I thought that Eddie reminded me a lot of our own Lil Jimmy.


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God I love this show. And Eddie looks like a Deliverance reject.


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Love this show.

"You fat donkey!"


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"This tastes like gnat piss" had me laughing HARD.


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Also, what's with the ching chong cowboy? WTF? I was rolling when he started crying. "Chunky monkey"....how can one not like this show.

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Was the chick who made the decision on who to pic a typical jewish long island broad or what?

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Im guessing staten island guinea, but we all know jews and guineas can be interchangeable:action-sm


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I just played it back off of Tivo - Ramsey is cool, but all the contestants this year suck. The guys are crying pussies, especially the fat chink, and the women are all cunts.


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Can not even fathom watching that show. But maybe that's just me.
Hey I hate to be that guy promoting his friends, but Bonnie on HK3 is one of my girlfriend's best friends. She's the one that Chef Ramsey asks if she's a dumb blonde in the promo for next week.

She's only been cooking professionally a couple years, but she's already a great chef

She also really digs Ron and Fez, she'd probably be into O&A also, but she only gets to hear the R&F replay at night when we're all hanging out.
FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! My DVR was full thanks to stupid Tudors and American Idol that I wasn't even fucking watching so I missed the first ep. of HK!!! I'm pissed!! I fucking adore this show and couldn't wait for it to start up again. That's the problem with never watching commercials- I never know when shows are coming out or coming back. Oh well.
Anyone got a download link for ep. 1?


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Knowing Fox I'm sure it will be repeated sometime this week.
I love iTunes for allowing us to download Lost:Season 3 for a very reasonable fee. Is HK on there?