help identifying black actor


my farts stink
I saw this guy on jeopardy the other day and he reminded me of an old black actor

the guy in the picture looks like a younger version of the guy I'm thinking of so think older.

I scoured google images but they all look the same to me (/sting). And no, not james earl jones.
Thanks for any ideas
Walter Matthau?
I don't see color...
(same frown)


my farts stink
lol saw that coming. Nah not Sidney or Harry.


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It's either Chris Rock or Ving Rhames... I always get those two confused.

(See, cause they all look the same)


my farts stink
no no no fuck's sake this is driving me crazy. put gray hair on the guy from jeopardy and age him 20 years. wtf can i not find this fucking guy

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wasp, it's really easy. The actor you are thinking of is Niggerdy McNiggerpants
Chris Tucker? It could be him... Nobody has really seen him since the mid-90s