[Question] Help me pick out a 3D Blu Ray surround sound system...

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I'm looking at different options for a 3D Blu Ray home theater setup. Since I have the 3D TV and glasses, I just need a 3D Blu Ray player and surround sound. I'm looking at a few systems. The one thing I must have are wireless rear speakers.

Under consideration are units from LG, Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung. Ideally, keeping the cost below $500 would be a good thing.

Here's the contenders so far:




Panasonic pisses me off. They have some that are "ready" for wireless rear speakers but I can't find info about what it costs to add them.

Any recommendations?
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Its your call on the budget but these all in one systems are generally poor overall. Usually the amp has limited features and when the disc reader fails it can become worthless, with all the moving parts this item will fail first. A good AVR type amp can last you many years and will always work as a great stereo for whatever you plug in/out of it. The speakers on these combo packs can be very weak too if you like good sound. Then there is the wireless part, reliable sender kits can run $100 retail just for the transmitter/receiver, rocketfish is a good one that comes to mind that you can make whatever rear speaker you like work.


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keep in mind you still have to plug "wireless" surround speakers into an electrical outlet

I say avoid them, as its not that difficult to run speaker wire, under floors, behind base boards, or add molding, there is flat wire than can be painted

Honestly, I would rather a 3.1 system in a phantom surround mode as opposed to wireless surround

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I thought about just doing a 3.1 system. I do understand I'd have to plug the wireless rear speakers into power. That's not a problem. Running the speaker signal wires would be an absolute nightmare.. First, it's a BIG room. On the right side, I'd have to run it around a 9-ft sliding glass door. On the left side, I'd have to run it around the bedroom door, and the door that leads to the bathroom. Second, I have a single-story masonry house on a slab, so I am not going to be running speaker wires or anything else under the floor.. The attic above this part of the house is not floored and has about 18" of insulation on top of the beams. So running it that way isn't really possible.

Thanks for the reply, I am going to look at 3.1 systems again and keep thinking about it and considering the options.


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If the attic isn't floored, then you can fish the rear speaker cable all the way. Why not go that way?
Just use some 3/4" x 18" plywood strips to walk across the joists.

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I took another look up there. That part of the house has like a combined 24" of blown and fiberglass batt insulation and is not floored. I am not going to even think about going over there.

But, I have ditched the wireless speaker idea. I came up with a way to hide the wires that will be perfect. I'll run both sets of rear wires down the wall on the right side up high between the top of the sliding door and the ceiling and staple them in place. I have a compressor and a hopper gun and am putting texture on some of our walls since we are removing wallpaper and painting. The wall in question currently has wallaper, so after I remove it I'll just blow texture over the speaker wires and and then paint. They will be completely invisible.