Help - need OLD show audio desperately!


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Hi, guys!

I REALLY need either 11/23/04, or the first part of 11/24/04 (I guess up until Lady Di and Marion arrive, since the rest of that show never happened).

This is very important. If anyone can help me, please let me know and I'll explain why I need it so badly. it has absolutely nothing to do with the portion of the show we don't talk about.

Thanks to anyone who can either send it to me or point me in the right direction.


Not the tinsnips...NOOOOO!
OnA played a Point Blank song on both of those days, and I need the audio to help prove the song has been recorded in 2003 and received airplay in 2004. Good enough?
do you need the whole show, or just a certain point period in the show?


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I don't need the whole show, but I think we were in there around the last hour on the 23rd (I could cut it down myself) and I have no idea what time Op played and discussed it again on the 24th. I know it was before Lady Di and Marion arrived, and long before wolfpac got there.


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id be more inclined to isolate the song than to give out the whole shows


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I understand. That's fine, it would be best if I can have the segment where they're discussing the song/band along with the song. As long as I have Opie and Anthony talking about it, I think I'm good. The song by itself wouldn't help really. I'm not planning on streaming it or using it publicly anywhere - especially without their permission. I was just hoping I could get what I needed here without having to bother Steve. As I said, there are other details that I'd share in PM with the person who can help me, but I don't think they need to be expressed here.


Not the tinsnips...NOOOOO!
Got what I needed. Thanks to those of you who helped! I hope Santa brings you everything you wish for...unless you wish for my death.

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