Here's the New Ricky Toy (pic)


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<FONT face="Impact">I refuse to comment on how horrible and disgusting it is.</FONT f>
funniest bit i ever heard was when stephen lynch sang " special olympics" the first time. i was in a subway station laughing so damn hard...people moved away from me and starin.
my newest fave is antoinette the "hellooo" woman i got 5 new people listening regularly
Yeah Special Olympics is a funny song. I know what you mean about laughing at O&A's stuff in public people think im crazy. The Hello girl is funny too.


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I hit my 1000 instant feedback to O n A. Hmmmmmm not a one of them were read. Hmmmmm Who the f is the A that screens them?????
Oh yeah I forgot The guy that screens them was warned about me....