Hey check this out... Is the rumors true


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that Chaunce Hayden's show is coming to WNEW? I do listen to the show on yadausa.com... I suggest you check it out too. But if ya like it as much as I do, contact Ken Stevens and company and tell them to add him to the WNEW family! I think it's about time we have some great cringe radio next to OnA! ;) ;) ;)


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Chaunce is the man!!

Everyone should call WNEW!!!!



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Lol very funny guys I know that Im always plugging Chaunce's Shows and stuff...But it would be cool if this could happen nothing like it...
thats why some people are already gettin petions and shit for it...
Never hurts to try .. :D ;)


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Originally posted by Ranma Saotome:
<STRONG>Shameless or not, if it's a good cause, you fight for it. I'm in. :D</STRONG>

Hell ya ran-chan
I and a few others will fight for it
Chaunce deserves this and we will fight for it till the end...I bealive it is totaly worth it thats why I am doin it...
:D :D

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Its just my opinion but i really think that e-mailing Ken Stevens, WNEW, or anyone else or calling WNEW is not gonna work. Why dont you try writing letters or something.


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Oh we are doin that to IOHN...
we will be callin.doin a few websites,also petions,writting letters a whole bunch of stuff..also when I go to my friends show we are gettin people to sign up to support it to...it will be cool I hope we can do this..
You sound like a Campaign Mgr trying to get someone elected as President. Heh heh LOL ;)
What a shame that some people will plug anyone Chaunce Hayden you mean the guy that has his own magizinr and as a talk show on the internet at www.
Just Kidding He would make a great late night WNEW hos. count me in FoFo :rolleyes:


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ok ok very funny DH you nut..
well he is a journalist and meets so many people that,I wish I could meet as many people as this guy...but its cool he is one totaly down to earth...yet his show is also totaly shocking at times..

I think it would be cool if it happens for him thats why i totaly support it for this guy..Also I have nothing but respect for him to and he derseves it...

I do hope i can count on you guys to hook me up with it if i do ask for a petion for him... :D
I have chatted with the guy and listened to his show. He is all that you say . I beleive he should have a shot at WNEW late nights. That would be cool. Hey, I would listen.

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God that would just rock hearin his show at night...I would love it..lets do this for Chaunce... :)