hey everyone..can somone help me out?

Well i am kinda new to O&A and this is my first post..But i was wondering if anyone could tell me the name of that Anthrax song they play on O&A or tell me where I could download it? I know they said the name of today when before they played it but i didnt quite catch it.. Thanks.



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I am sorry but I didn't catch it. Was it the band Anthrax or a song about Anthrax?
It was a song about Anthrax/Taliban...They played it for the first time (i think) last week Thursday, and the opening of last week Fridays show, and again yesterday (after their anthrax conversation with that Gary kid) but I am never able to catch the name of it.


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That Taliban song is a nightmare.
Ugh Just awful
The Taliban Can song may be stupid but it's catchy as hell. Gets stuck in your head. The first time O&A played it, I thought to myself, man this is dumb. And then I find myself humming it an hour later. "Who can take some towels, Wrap around their heads, Pray 8 times a day With a rifle and grenade, the Taliban can..." :D I was driving my roommates crazy for like a week. They even hired a hitman to kill me so I won't sing that stupid song anymore. :p
The song may suck but it is catchy, you gotta admit that. :) I really liked the John Valby song. That was hysterical. Clever, too.

Hey Fofo, I noticed you reply to every single post I make on this board. Are you flirting with me? :p


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Why cannot there be The Most Offensive Song Contest II??? I have been waiting MONTHS for it!! :(