HHH injured.

I heard that Vince McMahon announced on Smackdown and i also read about it in the paper today that HHH is out for 3 to 6 months with a torn quadracep muscle in his leg. That sucks HHH is my favorite wrestler and i hope he is atleast gonna be still in the storylines in a non-wrestling compacity.


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Yeah and Austin was just digging into HHH last night. Saying it's his fault that they are not tag champs anymore. Bla, bla, bla. Yeah it blows HHH is the man, I am sure he will still have a big impact on the show. There was probably supposed to be a big break up between him and Austin, now this injury ruins that. I thinks it's time to bring a WCW star to the WWF.
Yeah there gonna need someone else to add to the roster, but who will it be???


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Imagine that. I heard Austin and him don't like each other in real life too. That would be a great story.
Nah i dont think so GOLDBERG wont show up i doubt it man. I can tell you one thing that i am not gonna buy into those dam HBK rumors are gonna start up again mark my words. They are always there everyday but watch it will heat up now that HHH is injured.
Goldberg and Austin are actually good friend in real life. They actually talked about doing there own PPV when there contracts were up, which is around the smae time. They would do there own PPV Austin v. Goldberg and then Goldberg would sign with the WWF. That is just what I read and I highly doubt Vince would allow that or sign Goldberg if they did do that but who know. The fact is Goldberg won't be showing up in the WWF anytime soon. He has a hugh contract that AOL will be paying for years. He won't take the buyout because AOL is offering nothing. Something like 40 cents on the dollar. Goldberg never really wanted to be a wrestler. His football career was over because of injury and he didn't have anything to do. He was noticed by Sting and Luger at their gym in Atlanta. They convinced him and it snowballed into one of the greatest rookie years in wrestling. His popularity got him roles in films and commercials and allowed him to stand up for the rights of animals. If Goldberg was smart he would sit home and collect his high salary until the contract is up. There is a chance that Vince would buyout the contract but that is unlikely. Even if Vince bought out the contract of Goldberg accepted the buyout, Vince would keep him in the WCW as the top guy.

Ok enough about Goldberg. HHH had successful surgery on Thursday in Alabama. The injury was worse then they thought and he should be out for around 6 months. HHH stated he would rehab daily to get back as soon as possible but don't expect him to wrestle for at least 6 months. Yes he will still be on t.v. HHH and Stephanie will be on Sunday Night Heat this week to talk about the injury. Probably via satellite.

As for the "invasion" we will have to wait and see. It wasn't suppose to happen until July but with all the injuries and people being out they might move it up. I know Lance Storm will be at RAW because it is in Calgary, but he said he was only going to see friends and hang out back stage. He did say he wouldn't mind debuting if they asked though. Have to wait and see.
I read in the Ross Report that the WWF is very much looking foward to meeting with the Hart Family while they are in Canada. I know he is retired but would there ever be a chance where he would return for one night or one appearence only sort of kinda of deal? I know he hates WWF most likely but stranger things have happened.
I would guess no. If Bret wanted to still wrestle I believe that he could could have wrestled for Stampede when it re-opened. I don't believe that he is under contract with WCW anymore, but I am not sure. So it doesn't appear like he wants to wrestle anymore. It's not like he has anything to prove either. He was just what he said. The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

But on the other hand, there is a slim chance. Like you said stranger things have happened. Also with all the talent that is getting pushed that graduated from the Hart Dungeon (Jericho, Beniot, Edge, Christian and to some extent Justin Credilbe - plus Lance Storm who is under contract with WWFE) there is a chance that Bret could show up to support or help give a push to some of the boys. Bret did show up to help push Beniot and Lance Storm at the end of his WCW days when Beniot was getting a mega push and Lance was carrying three belts.

There is chance, but I would say that it is highly unlikely. With all the politics, Owen's death, Bret's injuries and Bret's whole disgust with the change in wrestling I would doubt it. But it would be great to see BRet wrestle again.
Yeah is not under contract anymore with WCW.
His contract was up before WCW was sold to the WWF. He then retired saying he was finished with wrestling for good, but one wonders that burning desire to wrestle must still be inside of him its in his blood. Your right about the politics and circumstances surrounding him and the WWF but stranger things have happened.


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thank god his is back, i just wouder what is going to happen when he shows up on raw :eek:


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some good things will happen when HHH comes back.this shall be a good raw to watch
Tomorrow night should be a great start for 2002 for the WWF. I will be most def watching this. ;)