High School Students Stage 'Slutty Wednesday' to Protest Strict Dress Code


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'It's called Slutty Wednesday to symbolise that we're not actually slutty': Elite New York City high schoolers protest conservative dress code

Students at one of Manhattan's most elite high schools decided to bare their feelings on their school’s conservative dress code – by wearing revealing outfits.

Students at Stuyvesant High School took to Wall Street in Lower Manhattan yesterday to protest the institution’s new dress code, calling it 'Slutty Wednesday.'
Students said that the dress code implementation is biased and especially unfair to curvier girls, and portrayed all male students as having no self-control.

Slutty Wednesday: Students at Stuyvesant High School protested the dress code by wearing items that violated it

Imposing: The school's dress code states that shoulders can't be bared and shorts and skirts have to be past one's fingertips

And, some said, shorter and more breathable apparel was necessary, as the school’s air conditioning units were not always running at top capacity.
The New York Times reported that the dress code issue has been an issue long before ‘Slutty Wednesday.’

One student called it a double standard, saying that staff members tend to go after female students, and especially those who are more curvaceous.

Those who are found to be in violation of the dress code are then forced to wear baggy grey shirts. Further violations mean more severe punishments.

Senior Benjamin Koatz, 18, told the Times: ‘It’s called Slutty Wednesday to symbolise that we’re not actually slutty.’

The right to bare arms: Some students said that as hot weather approaches, it comes down to a matter of comfort

Prestigious: Stuyvesant High School, located in Manhattan's Battery Park area, has turned out four Nobel Laureates

One student told NY1 that she sees the dress code as a non-issue, especially since a school is a place of learning.

‘They’re like, sexualising our outfits by telling us what to wear,’ the student said.
Another added: ‘It’s just more important to learn in school rather than be, like, persecuted for your dress.’

The majority of students came to class with more conservative attire, NY1 reported.
The dress code was imposed in September 2011, and asks for students to wear ‘appropriate attire’ while in class.

That includes having shoulders, midriffs, and lower backs covered, and have shorts span well below students’ fingertips when their arms are stiffly at their sides.
Principal Stanley Teitel told student newspaper the Spectator last fall that ‘people were not wearing things we thought were appropriate for school.’

Stuyvesant was recently ranked eighth by U.S. News & World Report for its standout science and mathematics programs.
Four Nobel Laureates have graduated from the institution since its founding in 1904.


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Were they really indecent. I need photographic evidence.
If they don't like it, they can go to public school with the sodomites and criminals. There they can wear all the "slutty" clothing they want.


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If they don't like it, they can go to public school with the sodomites and criminals. There they can wear all the "slutty" clothing they want.
Hell, we had the same 'fingertip' rules for shorts and skirts back in ye oldern days. And they should consider themselves lucky they don't have uniforms like many public school systems are going to.


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I fucking hate these stupid arbitrary dress codes.
Kids naturally want to rebel. If this is the worst they do, they'll be fine. It's not like they're rushing 15 at a time into a 7-11 and ransacking the place.

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My kid went to a public high school in sunny California and had worse restrictions. Shorts and skirts had to be almost knee length, no bare midriff or shoulders, tops had to have a two inch strap if they didn't have sleeves, etc. Yet the girls tennis team had pretty short uniforms.


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If they don't like it, they can go to public school with the sodomites and criminals. There they can wear all the "slutty" clothing they want.
Stuyvesant is a Public School, its focused on math and science, basically the minor leagues for schools like MIT. Those kids are way fucking smart regardless of this stunt.